February 7, 2012
State of Florida Secretary of State


Craig A. Waltzer

President &

Chief Executive Officer

Svetoslav Veltchev

Vice President &

Chief Technical Officer


In large and complex environments, it’s critical for information to be communicated timely so that automated processes and decision makers receive and disseminate critical information to facilitate timely responses. It’s also very important that information supports human operators making key decisions. GovComm equipment and software systems provide vital information to help decision makers succeed. Our offerings can be viewed as a set of tools, processes, and methodologies to integrate video, sensors, artificial intelligence, command-and-control and communications created to aid decision making and reducing the time to send responders to the scene of a crisis. In addition to reducing time, GovComm demonstrates how integrating these technologies across the network permits better situational awareness in a complex environment.

When integrating multiple technologies into a system, the operator requires equipment that receives commands in a defined protocol, functions as specified and delivers expected output.

GovComm firmware is developed in such a way for our equipment to seamlessly integrate into our customer’s systems, enabling real-time decision-making and networked command and control.

Headquartered in Ft Lauderdale, GovComm’s developed a reputation for being an innovative designer and developer of intelligent transportation system hardware, software, and peripheral solutions.

GovComm works closely with its technology and integration partners from the design-consulting phase through implementation, integration, and training.

GovComm intelligent transportation system equipment and software is manufactured and developed in ISO 9001 factories and laboratories meaning that a series of standards that define, establish and maintain an effective quality assurance system is in place to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products existing in the market.

GovComm meets statutory and regulatory requirements such as FCC Declaration of Conformity and UL Listing certification.

Products geared towards hardened environments comply with NEMA TS-2 requirements and sustainability under high wind loads.

  • Rules-Based Workflow
  • Availability/Resilience
  • Post-Event Reporting and Analysis.
  • Visualization
  • Connectivity and Integration
  • Correlation and Verification
  • Real-Time Policy / Configuration Management

GovComm understands many of our customers have substantial investments in legacy equipment, so offering our products alone does not solve the puzzle.  Accordingly, GovComm utilizes global standards and subscribes to the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIM) philosophy that systems and device integration should be as simple as “plug and play.”

At GovComm, interoperability with existing infrastructure as well as our competitors’ product offerings is a requirement. We integrate seamlessly with many legacy products to give customers a platform for migration while leveraging their previous hardware expenditures.


When choosing technology partners, GovComm considers proposals from multiple tier-one providers, becomes intimate with their organization, contacts references, reviews case studies, define deliverables, sets goals and defines budgets and expectations.

Sales Quotes and Plan Takeoff’s

Before an estimator can bid for or start a project, they need to know the types and quantities of equipment they will need to complete it.