In pursuit of technologically advanced ITS solutions, GovComm developed its “You Only Look Once” (YOLO) artificial intelligence (AI) software that taps into an ITS camera’s video stream and performs a real-time analysis of the traffic scene.

GovComm’s innovative YOLO AI software incorporates machine learning, applied intelligence, deep learning, and computer vision platforms.

  • Machine Learning – learning from past data and past results to make better decisions in the future. GovComm’s machine learning technology operates over multiple scenarios simultaneously to improve accuracy at incredible speeds.
  • Applied Intelligence – GovComm’s approach to combining AI, analytics and automation and applying them to solve our clients’ most complex traffic scenes.
  • Deep Learning – AI can run several different applications through different layers of data – and draw conclusions from them. Just like you look for shapes, colors and pictures to solve puzzles. Deep learning can gather insights across several inputs to draw a larger conclusion and make better decisions.
  • Computer Vision – a form of Artificial Intelligence that lets computers identify things using a similar method. They use an algorithm trained to collect predefined features – helping them pick objects out of the crowd, so to speak. Potentially millions of objects, with faster and faster recognition.

AI in detection systems for transportation and smart cities applications represent a fast-growing market for GovComm. AI based systems provide critical real time data that can save lives, reduce traffic congestion, and improve the efficiency of transportation and other smart city operations.

These applications include, but are not limited to wrong way detection, intersection management, pedestrian safety, traffic analysis, enforcement, and other tasks. In all cases, each system relies on artificial intelligence to provide actionable data to traffic management operators, drivers, and pedestrians. AI benefits also include cost reduction, higher quality business outcomes, repeatable, scalable results, and overall greater trust in technology.

GovComm has developed its AI platform to reside on NVIDIA® Jetson™ compute modules. NVIDIA® Jetson™ systems provide exceptional performance and power efficiency to run autonomous machine software, faster and with less power. Each is a complete System-on-Module (SOM), with CPU, GPU, PMIC, DRAM, and flash storage.

The NVIDIA® Jetson™ family of SOM includes four incrementally powerful models, the Nano, TX2, Xavier NX and AGX Xavier. This gives GovComm the flexibility to produce a wide range of AI detection solutions based on the amount of system resources required by each unique customer application.

GovComm has also developed a flexible and expandable user interface as well as application utilities for configuration and AI learning. And, whether the software is on the system edge, on a central server or in the cloud, GovComm’s AI software delivers powerful machine learning, applied intelligence, deep learning and computer vision capabilities.